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Time Out Lisbon, January 2017

Incredible Things We Envy in Other Cities
By Luis Leal Miranda
(translated) “Practicing yoga with heavy metal. There are inumerou advantages. For example: the heavy music is perfect to suppress noise that intestines compression usually creates.”
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Puro Ruido, November 2016

“Undoubtedly, they know well what meditation is and how it is carried out; otherwise, it would not have been possible to create something so deep and hypnotic.”
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Yoga Journal, November 2016

Rockstar Yogis
By Christina Raftery

BLACK YO)))GA, Yoga Journal

Bitter Magazine, September 2016

By Vitaly V
“Real ritual music of the new era.”
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ECTOMAG, April 2016

Finding My Center With BLACK YO)))GA
By Ectomag
“I have decided Instructor Kimee has done the impossible; she has made yoga a accessible and relaxing practice. If you’re a fan of dark music, you are going to love doing Black Yo)))ga. But what really struck me about the Black Yo)))ga DVD is the variety of bodies. Men, women, tall, lean, short, thick and everything inbetween. This dvd gave me the welcoming feeling that I have always wanted from a yoga class.”
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Time Out London, April 2016

City Envy
by Flow Wales Bonner
“Yoga is said to have been first devised by Indian ascetics seeking to make their way calmly into self-betterment. Thousands of years later, a group in suburban Pittsburgh has brought the practice to it’s logical next phase – by pairing it with screaming stoner metal.”


Artefact Magazine, February 2016

Black Yoga: Finding Light in the Darkness
By Ben Cullimore
“Over the decades, metal has undergone a transformation just as radical as yoga, resulting in a plethora of sub-genres and communities that are centred around creating meditative, trance-inducing, and visceral music that has as much in common with the ambient sounds of Brian Eno as it does with Metallica… Occult and New Age ideas have also filtered into the genre, so it’s no wonder that the next step was to couple it with yoga in an attempt to lift both to new heights of consciousness.”
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New Spirit Journal, January 2016

Black Yo)))ga: Asanas Ritual Volume 1
by Ronan Bennett
“What really is cutting edge about Black Yo))ga’s premier DVD is the realization that all of us, collectively, are on a journey. Yoga is far, far more than a well-lit, yoga-matted class. It is actually, life. In all of its pastels and madly dashed dark corners, life is open and breathes and is shadow, light, life and death. Since musical tastes vary and please and capture the ebbs and flows of emotions and events in life, I feel very well recommending Black Yo)))ga’s Asanas Ritual Vol. 1 as a departure from the widely available yoga DVDs for those who want a deeper and darker experience.”
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HOWL AND ECHOES, January 2016

Delve Into The Dark World Of Black Metal Yoga
By RIley Fitzgerald
“Stretching out to bleak and unremitting drones might seem novelty, but it’s a way of life for US yoga instructor Kimee Massie. Partner of vocalist of the band Storm King, Massie’s Black Yoga is the largest in a growing number of metal-inspired yoga schools.”
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DEAF SPARROW, January 2016

BLACK YO)))GA – Asanas Ritual, Vol. 1
By Cole Olson
“I think it’s a good introductory video for those who are not necessarily very experienced or want to try yoga. The poses are relatively easy and provide enough challenge, but not enough to deter anyone from trying. My first experiences with yoga was that fucking P90X yoga back in high school and let me tell you, some of that shit was daunting and I don’t expect anyone who is doing P90X especially for the first few weeks or even months to come close to pulling some of those moves. This is the opposite. You get some good, basic poses with information from the instructor in how to better perform them, but, it isn’t perfect. If we assume this video is intended to be an introduction to yoga, then these flaws are real.”

“As far as the music goes, great. Very meditative and zen-inducing.”
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WANDERLUST, January 2016

Alternative Yoga: From Beyoncé and Bowie to Black Metal
By Andrea Rice
“To the traditional incense burning, sitar-loving, OM-chanting yogi, these new waves of asana might seem slightly unorthodox or even a complete departure from yoga’s original meaning and traditions. But one could argue that when put into practice, the mind of the devout metalhead is as quiet as the meditative monk. Who says we can’t find peace and stillness within the loudness of music? Ever been to a Radiohead concert? I’d liken it to as transcendental of an experience as any I’ve had, and I meditate almost daily.”
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PITCHFORK, January 2016

Should You Practice Black Metal Yoga?
By Miles Raymer
“At a slant, this sect of the genre can read like a dark side cousin to the New Age movement. Yoga fits into the mix nicely. Kimee Massie is one of a handful of yoga instructors folding metal into their practice. For the past few years she’s been holding classes soundtracked by selections from bands like Sunn O))), Earth, and Wolves in the Throne Room. Now she’s released BLACK YO)))GA: Asanas Ritual, Vol. 1 an hourlong video of “vinyasa style yoga set to drone, noise, stoner metal, ambient, industrial, space doom, and other traditional meditation music” that as far as I know is the first “real” metal yoga video to come to market.”
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TOILET OV HELL, January 2016

Reflect on the New Year ahead with BLACK YO)))GA
By W.
“It’s unsurprising that a meditative practice like yoga is beginning to gain traction in the heavy metal community. We are all fans of a music genre that often sees itself as a distinct art and lifestyle separate from the mores of mainstream entertainment. Many of us first turned to metal during particularly bleak times in our lives, and we feel a sense of catharsis when we listen to this music. Let’s be honest with ourselves; extreme metal is not a genre or scene that revels in the joys and uplifting elements of society. It is an art style that wallows in desperate thoughts and anguished moods, one that paints with broad strokes of black and grey. Dark lyrics indulge dark fantasies and embrace alternative conceptions of truth, justice, and wisdom. Extreme metal is an ostracizer that gives the orphan a home.”
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Metal Hammer, December 2015

Metal Hammer staff’s top 20 albums of 2015
By Joe Daly
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Black Yo)))ga: Asanas Ritual, Vol. 1
By Carl Sederholm
“This isn’t just some lame easy listening background album. It’s actually relatively interesting, an often riveting attempt to do something new with dark ambience that also has the practical value of fading into the background as needed.”
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ANGRY METAL GUY, December 2015

Black Yo)))ga – Asanas Ritual, Vol. 1 [Things You Might Have Missed 2015]
By Dr. A.N. Grier
“It’s one continuous theme meant to drag you deep within yourself and – honestly – persuade your troubled soul to let everything fucking go. Asanas‘ combination of haunting rhythms, feedback guitars, droning downbeats, ominous bass plods, muscle-relaxing cello and violin segments, and haunting female swoonings meld this eight-track release into a blackened spearhead that rips through self-doubt and allows hope to shine.“
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NO CLEAN SINGING, December 2015

Random Weird Album to Check Out
By Kevin P.
“If you ever thought, ‘I need something more dark and evil while doing yoga?’, then this is your ticket.“
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THE BEACHCOMBER, December 2015

The Beat’s Record Roundup
By Nikki Hedrick
“If you’re looking for a change of pace— or never felt at home with popular meditation music—Black Yo)))ga has the answer for your woes.”
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Black Yo)))ga and Therapeutic Properties of Heavy Music
By Parisa Eshrati
“It’s difficult to find a genuine form of yoga since the Western world has compacted this practice into a ‘spiritual fast food’. The Black Yo)))ga project, however, serves as a unique practice that stays true to mindfulness techniques by combining vinyasa-style yoga with doom music.”
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DoYouYoga, November 2015

Black Yoga: Doom Metal Music to Go With Your Vinyasa
“These classes also offer the ideal environment for anyone who loves yoga and dark metal music, and those in sub-culture communities who have a hard time reconciling yoga with their lifestyle.”
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NOVA EXPRESS, November 2015

Top ten of the day
By Pgtja
“Dark ambient relaxant – 9,5 – Très agréable d’écoute et tellement loin des musiques mièvres new age sur le même thème”
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DUSTED MAGAZINE, November 2015

Black Yo)))ga — Asanas Ritual, Vol. 1 (Screaming Crow)
By Andy Freivogel
“The restraint and narrow focus of the pieces (it’s hard to call them songs) belies the professionalism and consistency of a film soundtrack. The interplay between that guitar and the creepy strings in the background is a recurring theme, anchoring the mood from piece to piece in a manner that Angelo Badalamenti used the simple plucked melody of ‘Twin Peaks.’”
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Black Yo)))ga Asanas Ritual
By Cat Woods
“It may, initially, seem like a juxtaposition. The ferocity of metal and doom combined with the all-embracing, loving nature of yoga? In fact, yoga is more complex than that. It asks us to be fully present, right now. Black Yoga does that. It asks us to bring passion, curiosity and intensity to our bodies, minds and practice. Black Yoga does that. It asks us to meditate and to follow some universal truths and values for our own benefit and that of others, and to detach from the actual results of doing so.”
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BLACK YO)))GA Halloween issue cover


Heavy Balance
By Margaret Welsh
“…The result is a soundscape of brooding, spaced-out doom, driven by cello and guitars, and accented with gongs, singing bowls and ethereal voices. ‘The music itself became very similar to the flowing, natural process that you might experience in a yoga class’”
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BLACK YO)))GA turns relaxation into metal ritual
By Scott Mervis
“The DVD is something like a soothing nightmare, with the ominous look of the ritual scene in ‘Eyes Wide Shut.’”
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LOUDER THAN WAR, October 2015

dark ambient space drone yoga freaks
By johnrobb
“Convincingly dark drone stoner rock classical space rock weirdness for doing yoga to. Instead of fluffy yoga this is the post Sunn O))) drone rock version that is far more meditative and effective for deep yoga practice but also stands up on its own as great music.” – Louderthanwar
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Outburn Magazine, October 2015

Yoga of Doom
By Brian Krasman
“One of the best concepts of all time.”
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Start the Beat w/ Sikes, October 2015

A Podcast About Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Grumpiness
By Brian Howe
“For the 62nd episode I sat down with Scott Massie of the Innervenus Music Collective and Black Yoga for a talk about pursuing your creative passions against all odds.”
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NEW NOISE MAGAZINE, September 2015

Yoga Punks
By Scott Murray
“This will resonate with punk rockers, who are often drawn to the music’s unique energy and ideals outside of the status quo.”
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Revolver Magazine, September 2015

Black Yo)))ga Premiere New Track, “Carmentis”, and Trailer
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Rock Era Magazine, September 2015

Black Yoga – Asanas Ritual, Vol.1
By Farah Wahid and Youssef Nagy
“Kimee basically created an atmosphere where her yoga members could feel comfortable in, not the cult thing, but the gloomy comfort of night’s beauty and darkness; that in a way reflects what some of them try to hide away or battle through, from depression and anger to alcoholism, drug addiction and phobias. I guess you could say Black Yoga is a refuge or sanctuary for them, and of course for all metal lovers, with all the screaming, heavy drumming/guitaring and head-banging, both fans and band members would need some time off and find a relaxing place to shed all that stress and heap of energy off.”
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By Vitaly Vitalevich
An interview with a Russian Blog. “Something that people should understand too, is that we’re not exclusively a “metal yoga” thing. We do dark ambient, doom, drone, electronica, post rock, black metal, etc. It all fits together the way we do it (usually), but it’s definitely not just one thing. Chad and I did the mixes that way for the first few years, and then we followed suit when we started the Ensemble. It would likely be sold in the metal section at a record store, but that’s just because it’s easy. Someone out there in the world has OCD about fitting bands into genres, and they’re going to have a total meltdown when they hear us. HAHA! I’ve never been involved with a project that was’t like that in some capacity. It’s how I like it.” Read More

Decibel Magazine, September 2015

Stretch Out to the BLACK YO)))GA DVD’s “Negative Confession”
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Metal Injection, August 2015

BLACK YO)))GA Is The Ambient Drone Yoga Music You Need In Your Life
By Greg Kennelty
“Kimee Massie is my new favorite yoga instructor.”
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CVLT Nation, August 2015

The BLACK YO)))GA Meditation Ensemble Preview Video!
By Sean Reveron
“Imagine moving your body into meditative positions to doom or drone, and how your mind would wander off in the process.”
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Downward facing doom: when yoga meets heavy metal
By Kim Kelly
“Any workout playlist can be improved with a dash of heavy metal. Whether you’re lifting weights to Pantera, doing crunches to Destroyer 666, or trying and probably failing to time your cardio to Reign in Blood, hearing that raw power come screaming out of your headphones is a surefire way to kickstart a serious adrenaline rush. It makes sense on a deeper level, too: at its black heart, metal is all about catharsis, and pushing your body to its sweaty limit is right up there among the most cathartic things you can do without getting arrested.” Read More


BLACK YO)))GA Joins the Screaming Crow Records Roster
By Liz Ciavarella-Brenner
“This October, Screaming Crow Records will release the first ever BLACK YO)))GA CD/DVD. Created by 200-hour RYT-certified instructor, Kimee Massie, BLACK YO)))GA is vinyasa style yoga set to drone, noise, stoner metal, ambient, industrial, space doom, and other traditional meditation music. It incorporates basic poses in a relaxed environment, while focusing on safe body mechanics. It’s a traditional yoga class in practice, however darker than what you may typically associate with the practice in the Western world.” Read More



Downward Facing
By Nick Green


Episode 25. Namaste, bitches!
By Willow Declaws
“Le Black Yoga est l’incarnation même de ce que sont le Ying et le Yang, selon lesquels l’ombre nourrit la lumière, et inversement. Utiliser des musiques de prime abord peu accessibles au simple ressenti de leur noirceur est donc cohérent, pour les utiliser à des fins positives. Scott et Kimee n’écoutent pas de Metal parce qu’ils désirent être déprimés, mais car ils aiment ça. Namaste, nom d’une pipe!” Hear the interview…


Black Yoga: Cursuri de Zen si Doom
By Ana-Maria Gavrila
“We all know the benefits of practicing yoga for the mind, body and spirit. But if your style is different than most of the classes dull and you want something more than that – why not – could combine metal and yoga exercises? Black Yoga, or more specifically BLACK YOGA was created for the residents of Pittsburgh and beyond with such selected tastes.” Read More


Heavy Metal Yoga is a Thing
By Nick Keppler
“It’s a Tuesday night and I am sitting on a yoga mat in the back of a former grocery store in Pittsburgh, spreading my legs as far as they can go. I reflexively turn to see how the woman next to me is managing her dragonfly pose when I realize I can barely see her. The room is lit only by two tin can-shaped-and-sized lights sitting in corners they offer about as much illumination as a pair of Yankee jar candles. Kimee Massie, the heavily tattooed instructor, comes over to help me put a foam block under my ass. It gives me some leverage and I feel a greater stretch in my inner thighs, but I still look over again to see how far the woman on the neighboring mat has gotten. I squint and make out the words on her t-shirt: ‘Fuck This. I’m Going Skateboarding.'” Read More


Black metal yoga offers Zen with doom
By Tiffany Bentley
“So you’re already well aware of all of the healthful benefits of yoga, physically, spiritually and mentally. But what if your spiritual idea and state of Zen differ from the hot room exercisers and babbling brook chasers that inhabit all of the other yoga classes you incessantly avoid? Heavy metal yoga, and more specifically, Black Yoga or as they refer to it, ‘BLACK YOGA’ may have been invented just for you.” Read More



Trve Kvlt Yoga: Inside Pittsburgh’s BLACK YOGA
By Shayne Mathis


Dark Places
By Jeremy Larson
“Kimee Massie sweeps the floor of Nadia Salon, a full-service hairstyling emporium located in the Pittsburgh neighborhood Shadyside. The lights are low, and if you ignore the Schwarzkopf hair dye display, the pink spray bottles at every stylist’s station, and the art-deco Marilyn Monroe print hanging on the wall, the room does resemble a yoga studio. The unsprung parquet floor, the mirrors, and the low hum of pre-class energy overpower all the jars of barbicide, and push aside any hints of this being a place where people requested highlights or buzz cuts hours before. After Kimee finishes, she sets up her mat in front of the sinks. The opening track of Melvins and Lustmord’s album Pigs of the Roman Empire seeps out of the speakers into the room, all intermittent war drums and tectonic rumbling. BLACK YOGA, an hour-long yoga class set to the music of Bohren & der Club Of Gore, Om, Sunn O, Catacombs of Doom, and other drone and ambient metal bands, has begun.” Read More



The Next Big Thing


Black yoga till metallmusik
By Johannes Tabermann
“I USA går det nu att yoga till bland annat doom metall och annan liknande tyngre musik. Det är paret Kimee och Scott Massie som börjat ordna yogaklasser i sin hemstad Pittsburg, där de skippat den avslappnande ambientmusiken och fågelkvittret som bakgrundsmusik.” Read more


“Not yoga metal, for those of you who’ve jumped to conclusions. Metal lovers everywhere are incorporating their passion for the musical genre in other aspects of their lives.” Read More



Black Yoga brings Om and om together
By Margaret Welsh
“Yoga, as it’s practiced in this country, tends to be a warm, bright affair, associated with orangey light, wood floors, soothing singing bowls and nature sounds. But yoga instructor Kimee Massie wanted to offer something different. As she puts it, ‘Not everyone wants to listen to birds and waterfalls.'” Read More


By Gregg Harrington
“Yoga is a calm and soothing way of combining exercise with meditation. But Kimee and Scott Massie see it differently. ‘I wanted to target that crowd that would never do yoga,’ Kimee says. ‘I think they would benefit from it.’” Read More