Shadow Woods Metal Fest


BLACK YO)))GA will be hosting a workshop at the inaugural Shadow Woods Metal Fest in White Hall, MD this September.

From the website

“Shadow Woods Metal Fest is a music and camping festival dedicated to bringing underground black metal, doom, death metal, acid folk and psychedelic rock together for three days of musical celebration and respect for nature. We seek to expose audiences to new, unusual and up-and-coming talent that you will not see at the major music festivals held across the US.

Shadow Woods Metal Fest was inspired by the European open air festivals in form and the American fest Stella Natura. There will be onsite tent and cabin camping. We will have workshops and other activities to elevate your mind and body.  Our fest is the result of the hard work of many individuals with diverse backgrounds and musical preferences from across the mid-Atlantic region.

The inaugural Shadow Woods Metal Fest will take place September 25-27, 2015.  The location is in White Hall, MD, which is about 30 minutes north of Baltimore. We have  36 underground bands from a variety of extreme metal genres as well as artists performing off-the-beaten path metal, folk, noise and experimental music.”

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